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Lasting Asphalt Paving in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

When it comes to the preparation and placement of the load-bearing layers that your community, construction project, or business will rely on for future growth, you should demand the know-how of an experienced and knowledgeable paving contractor. Municipalities, R.M.’s, businesses and homeowners have benefitted from the confident workmanship and courteous expertise delivered by Canadian Paving Services for years. Improve driving conditions, enhance appearances, promote good drainage, and ensure on-site safety with the quality grading, site prep, and repair work offered by our team.

From parking lots to Quonsets, when it comes to pavement, we take on all jobs.  No matter what your project involves, when you need paving in Regina, get in touch to discuss the best available options for your upcoming project. We work within allotted budgets to help you achieve your goal.

Our client list includes:

Our work includes:

  • Cities

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Hospitals

  • Townships

  • Municipalities

  • Businesses

  • Construction companies

  • Agricultural companies

  • Residential homeowners 

  • Industries

  • Rural municipalities

  • Shop floors

  • Asphalt repairs

  • Patching

  • New construction paving (heavy and light) for big and small truck traffic

  • Tennis courts

  • Line painting

  • Pathway paving

  • Airports 

  • And more

Let’s get started. Give us a call today.

Hot Rubber Crack Filling

Increase longevity of existing Asphalt

Expert Advice

Let us address all your paving concerns

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