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Hot Rubber Crack Filling: Asphalt Repairs in Regina and Beyond

At Canadian Paving Services, we offer a wide variety of services tailored to your needs. We specialize in crack filling asphalt repairs throughout Regina and Saskatchewan. We treat each customer with the utmost professionalism and respect, and we take the time to listen to your needs and advise you of the best possible pavement options. If you’re concerned about the condition of your driveway, backyard, road or company parking lot, it’s good to keep in mind that not all surface damage requires immediate replacement. However, when cracks do appear along your property, you’ll want to deal with them in good time. Ignoring problems can only lead to bigger problems down the road. Hot rubber crack filling can help. When you need crack filling services in Regina, look no further than Canadian Paving Services. You can also count on us for asphalt paving, chip sealing and seal coating.

Crack Filling Services

Unsealed cracks result in contraction and expansion of cracked surfaces. If not addressed on time, these problems may result in costly repairs. Crack filling is one of the best ways to deal with the pavement flaws. It is an efficient and cheap approach performed on driveways and parking lots. This process involves laying rubber sealants on the damaged surface to prevent moisture intrusion. The benefits of crack filling services are:

  • It improves aesthetics of your landscape.

  • It avoids water penetration.

  • It protects the surface from oil spills and chemical reactions.

  • It prolongs the life of pavement and reduces costs of repairs.

  • It avoids oxidation and keeps the surface safe.

  • It avoids small cracks turning into potholes.

  • It is a cost-effective paving method.

  • It prevents the need of asphalt replacement and removal.

Contact Us

You can rely on us for our quality services, competitive prices and experience. We are easily approachable in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Schedule our crack filling services in Regina today; we will get back to you at the earliest. Browse our gallery to find more about our past works. If you have questions concerning your deteriorating blacktop, please feel free to get in touch.

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