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Driveway Seal Coating in Regina

Restore the integrity of the asphalt and blacktop around your home or business with a professionally applied pavement seal coating in Regina. Regina property owners have trusted the products, expertise and service provided by Canadian Paving Services for over 35 years. For the biggest commercial lots, city streets and driveways, our sealcoating assures superior performance and durability. We are able to replenish damaged pavement binder with a variety of sealcoating applications. And our special-graded composite is customizable to your specific needs. For applications with fuel and slip resistant properties, we ensure that you receive the right product for the best result. 

If you want to schedule our team to visit your site for seal coating in Regina, contact us today! Before you do, be sure to check out our gallery of previous projects so you can know the quality of work you will be receiving.

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