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Chip Sealing Paving and Road Repairs in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Are you looking for chip sealing contractors in Regina? Count on Canadian Paving Services for efficient and affordable services. We are trusted company serving our customers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Our services include asphalt paving, crack filling and sealcoating.

“Chip Sealing” is a common pavement maintenance practice that extends pavement life and provides a good driving surface. Since some customers may not be familiar with the chip seal construction method, this fact sheet answers some frequently asked questions.

How Are Chip Seals Different from Asphalt Overlays? 

The difference is in the construction method. Hot Mix Asphalt pavement is produced by heating liquid asphalt and mixing it with aggregate, with the mix then spread and compacted to form a durable road structure and riding surface. Chip Sealing uses the same ingredients as asphalt concrete paving, but the construction method is different. With chip seals, a heated layer of asphalt liquid is sprayed on the road surface, followed by the placement of small aggregates ("chips"). The chips are then compacted to orient the chips for maximum adherence to the asphalt, and excess stone is swept from the surface. The ingredients of hot mix asphalt and chip seals are the same; only the construction methods are different. Chip Sealing is also a cost effective alternative to asphalt, and is effective on parking lots, streets, and airport runways.

Why Use Chip Seals?

  1. Chip seals provide the opportunity to maintain and build new roads for very low cost.

  2. A chip seal is more cost effective than a conventional asphalt overlay or paving job.

  3. By extending the time between asphalt overlays, chip seals result in lower costs over the long term.

  4. By placing a chip seal sooner than asphalt overlay would be placed, the traveling public benefits from roads maintained in better condition.

  5. Chip Seals eliminate the need to crack seal.

  6. Chip seals enhance safety by providing good skid resistance.

  7. Chip seals provide an effective moisture barrier for the underlying pavement against water intrusion by sealing cracks in the pavement.

  8. Chip seals prevent deterioration of the asphalt surface from the effects of aging and oxidation due to water and sun.

  9. We have successfully used chip seals for over 25 years to maintain and build new roads

  10. Chip seals also work great to build parking lots and lane ways

  11. Chip seals virtually eliminate black ice.

  12. In hot weather, chip seals re-seal cracks by flowing back together.

How Are Chip Seals Placed? 

First, the road surface needs to be properly cleaned of debris and any holes patched. Next, an asphalt distributor truck starts by spraying each lane with hot liquid asphalt to assure an even application. A chip spreader follows as rapidly as possible with chips. The asphalt must be fluid so the rock will be embedded by the displacement of the asphalt. The rocks are an aggregate crushed to a special specification for size and cleanliness.

Check out the gallery page to view our results. Contact us to schedule chip sealing services in Regina.

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